Paolo Simone

The airplane pilot

Paolo Simone born in Novara in 1959 is the boomer of the group. Passionate about aeronautics since childhood after a youth spent in mountain sports and off-road motorcycles, he graduated as an aeronautical engineer. Military conscript as an alpine skier and then a volunteer as a pilot officer in the Air Force, he patented on a propeller aircraft and then a jet. Qualified on helicopter, he deals with rescue at sea and therefore in the mountains also in war theaters. During his career he qualified as an instructor on rotary and fixed wing, production tester for the helicopter line, mountain survival instructor, commander of the Linate Connections and Rescue Squadron. Sport is never lacking: from amateur running over long distances (a couple of marathons, a 100 km del Passatore, 240 km in the Tunisian desert in 4 days of solitary autonomy, Novara Narbonne 700 km in 10 g with trailer). Enduro and motorcycle rally in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal. Travel lover, extrovert and adventure hunter, he has a wonderful family who enthusiastically support him.

He discovers the bicycle after his leave from the Air Force and is immediately the new way to travel, the Camino de Santiago, the tour of Italy, the tour of Iceland, the Balkans and the new tour in Santiago. The dream of the Caretera Austral has been blocked by the pandemic but here is the wonderful Trans-Amazon: joining two oceans through Brazil, Bolivia and Chile, an opportunity to discover fascinating peoples and environments.

When it comes to human dignity, we cannot compromise.

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