Yuri Monaco

The reporter

Yuri Monaco was born in 1990 in Lugano and at the age of sixteen he embarks on a path in sales. Upon reaching the age of majority, he carries out compulsory military service in Switzerland, reaching the rank of sergeant. Work experiences in the financial, tourism and social branches and voluntary work in the field of child disability follow.

Curious, reflective and tendentially selective in social relationships, he prefers the quality of relationships over their quantity, even if he does not consider himself a caveman. Nature and open spaces are his natural habitat where he finds immediate relief and peace. Person not very apt to programming and control but inclined to dance to the notes that life plays. He discovers the cycle-trip thanks to an alcoholic bet with friends. A hundred kilometers in two days with a very heavy backpack on his shoulder opened up a world for him. It starts with the circumnavigation of Iceland. Then he joins his mother in Spain from home in the middle of winter.

This is followed by a fundraiser for a refugee camp in Thessaloniki, where he arrives by bike and delivers the proceeds, stopping to work as a volunteer. Then the big dream, cycling to Iran. On this trip he films his first documentary in collaboration with Swiss television. In Argentine and Chilean Patagonia it remains blocked for months due to the pandemic.

The beauty will save the world.

F. Dostoevskiji

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