Alberto Vaona

The doctor.

Alberto Vaona, born in 1975, lives in Verona. Doctor, in addition to the clinic, he has been involved in research,
training, trade union, enterprise, international cooperation.
He is a multifaceted, volcanic, whimsical and “controversial” figure, moved by the passion in each
a company that he undertakes with a predilection for the construction of “groups that work”.
Of himself it is customary to say “There are those who invoke me as a saint and those who consider me a scoundrel. Who says
that I have seven lives and who says I have seven tails ”. A lover of risk, he was immediately at first
line against Covid, when the great pandemic was scary and even doctors died.
In 2023 he will return to Latin America, after 8 years from Lima-Buenos Aires by bike, to realize the
I dream of crossing the Great Amazon Rainforest in the same way. Cycle-camping style
he has been traveling since 2008, alone, as a couple, in a group. In addition to all the Italian regions, it has crossed
countries such as Argentina (Ruta 40, 2500 km solo), Chile (Carretera Austral, 2200 km), Peru,
Bolivia, Spain (Routes of Santiago and Bordeaux-Valencia on the Camino del Cid), Portugal,
Poland (Green Velo, 2000 km solo), France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway
(Via di Sant’Olaf, 1000 km), Balkans (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo),
Turkey (Istanbul-Patras solo). In 2018 he also traveled by bike in the distant past
Mongolia (Moron-Ulanbataar, 1000 km) and has recently returned for more than 600 km to Romania.

What’s good about all this? That you are here, that life exists and identity. That the mighty show goes on and that you can contribute a verse.

W. Whitman

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