Our Route

The idea is that of a journey not only under the banner of sports but also and above all aimed at drawing attention to the destruction of Nature and the systematic violation of Human Rights. This road leads to the destruction of the human species. Human beings have the need and the possibility to make a leap of conscience: either to realize that they are one with the Nature of which they are a part and from which they come or to be inexorably extinguished. Our journey wants to give a message: the leap is possible, another Humanity is possible, a Humanity that lives in peace with its environment and with itself. The consequences of environmental destruction will teach the human species to respect Nature and itself: either this will happen, or there will be no tomorrow for Homo sapiens. our journey is meant to be our small contribution to this tiring and painful progression. The Amazon in this sense is the place where the destiny of humanity is at stake even more than anywhere else and we will carry out our action from the heart of the Great Forest. To tell everyone: I am the Amazon too, even if I live on the other side of the planet. I’m responsible for it too, I want to take care of it too, because I love my Planet and I love the Human Species.

Il percorso

We will leave in July 2023. The BR230 is in fact only accessible in the dry season which runs from June to October. Then the abundant rainfall of the wet season makes transit almost impossible. It will take three months to complete the established route, up to the Andes and down to the Ocean.

If YOU are Amazon